Açık Pozisyonlar

Software Solution Architect

• Having at least 10 years of experience in Microsoft C# software development and at least 2 years of experience in software architecture
• Having Microsoft Azure Cloud/AWS experience (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)
• Having knowledge/experience about software quality/security tools,
• Operate activities supporting the software development lifecycle (CI/CD pipelines),
• Managing the IT Solution Architecture department
• Creating and implementing the software architecture.
• Managing the software development lifecycle and making it more efficient.
• Analyzing, designing and implementing software in the area of responsibility.
• Ensuring operational continuity by developing corrective solutions.
• Planning, design and implement technical dimensions.
• Enforcing business policies and rules to support the business process.
• Working with other IT professionals to identify needs for new software, platforms and applications.
• Using tools, technology and various methods to create functional and intuitive solutions for the user interfaces of products.
• Developing and implement product details.
• Paying attention to system integration, sustainability and feasibility.
• Managing all stages of technology development.
• Managing and supervising the work of the development team.
• Guiding and training developers and engineers.
• Suggesting and implementing solutions for process improvement.
• Quality, security, extensibility etc. To comply with and ensure compliance with all requirements and instructions for.


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