Turn Key Projects

Cloud and DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps Consulting Services
The rapidly evolving software needs require companies to revise their technology investments. Following the motto of "the faster, the better," we provide you with the infrastructure to quickly meet these needs with up-to-date technologies. With our DevOps service, all your applications are first examined and analyzed by our team of experts, and a detailed report is provided to initiate our DevOps support services.
• We perform scaling, deployment, and management automation processes for your applications using Kubernetes.
• Through Docker, which provides virtualization capabilities with thousands of independent isolated containers, we ensure easy installation, testing, and stable operation of your applications.

Cloud Services
• We offer installation and configuration services for suitable cloud computing services provided under Microsoft's Azure and Huawei brands.
• We provide both system and software solutions for hybrid systems involving the migration to cloud.
• We offer the most optimal virtual machine and service solutions required for your system

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