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TCM Mobile Portal

While it is easy to reach and consolidate white-collar employees under technologies like SharePoint in today's business world, the situation is reversed for blue-collar employees. All notifications, information, and sharing related to your blue-collar employees in your organization can be easily managed through the TCM Mobile Portal application.

Our team has developed the TCM Mobile Portal solution, which integrates with your existing internal portals, allowing you to send notifications to and manage both groups of employees from a single location.

System Advantages:

Easy Installation
After downloading the Mobile Portal application from the app store on Android and iOS devices, personnel data is queried using email, company registration number, or ID number to create a personalized password for each employee. This password is then sent to the matched phone number or email address in the personnel database. This ensures that only company employees can access the Mobile Portal.

Unlike off-the-shelf products, the Mobile Portal can be customized to align with your corporate identity. You can choose a theme that suits your company, add your logo, and customize the content in the dynamic sections called "parts" on the homepage. With options for colors, visuals, and ordering, you can create a personalized portal experience that is tailored to your needs.

Modules available in the TCM Mobile Portal system

Announcement Management

You can share announcements with your employees by defining categories and posting specific announcements to designated employee groups. Announcements can include images, videos, or attached files.


All announcements, information updates, and approval requests sent to employees are delivered through push notifications. These notifications appear on the phone's home screen and reach employees directly, even when the application is closed. The management panel provides information on whether the announcements have been read.

Quizzes and Surveys

You can create point-based quizzes or surveys for your employees. The results of all quizzes and surveys, including scores and completion times, can be viewed from the management panel.


You can create custom forms for your company using a drag-and-drop interface and link approval mechanisms to these forms. For example, you can create a custom Vehicle Request Form through the management panel and manage the process with a three-step approval mechanism. Then, add this form to your menu. Now, all your employees can fill out this form, and the designated approval process will be triggered.

Leave Requests

Employees can access information about their remaining vacation days and whether their leave requests have been approved through the mobile portal. Manage the leave request and approval process easily from anywhere and on any mobile device with just a few clicks.

Suggestions, Requests, and Complaints

Collect and evaluate all kinds of feedback from your employees, whether it's with their personal information or anonymously.


Facilitate tracking the entry/exit times of field workers or shift-based employees at specific locations. By having shift-based employees check-in at the start of their shift and check-out at the end, you can monitor compliance with the assigned shifts.


Easily celebrate birthdays through the mobile portal. Send notifications, including the employee's photo, to make your employees feel valued.

Time Sheet

With this module, you can measure how much time your employees have spent on each project or task, allowing you to assess how efficiently they are utilizing their time.

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