Database Management

Database Health Check

Performance issues, errors, and problems can occur in application servers, databases, operating systems, and storage servers for various reasons. In particular, issues related to regular maintenance and patch management, lack of planned development parallel to the increase in system load, and incorrect management can lead to errors and unexpected problems in databases. In the Database Health Check service we provide at TCM, we follow the steps below:

• Obtain information about active queries in the system, if any queries are blocking or blocked, when these queries run, and how long they take.
• Provide an environment where running ETL packages and processes are monitored, and daily failures are tracked. Information such as which package failed at which step and, most importantly, the reason for the failure is collected.
• Monitor the daily durations of running ETL packages, track changes in these durations, and identify improvement steps.
• All collected data is presented to companies in the form of reports.
• Identify performance problems in the database and perform necessary work. Plan high-availability disaster scenarios and carry out installation and configuration work in the new architecture.

Through configuration optimization prepared based on the controls, we ensure that your solutions become more efficient, taking into account factors such as the most effective use of existing technology and capabilities and license costs, with action plans.

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